Rodent Control

A mouse in the house is not a welcome guest.

The Protech technicians will find the rodents’ hideouts, and based on the inspection determine the best course of action to exterminate the nest. Our job is to prevent those rats from taking over your home.

Rodent Control Services

• Integrated pest management

• Live bait traps

• Rodent extermination

• Rodent-proofing your home

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There are a number of steps of rodent eradication. Remove all food sources that will attract the vermin. To keep rodents out, we close all entry points and put out bait. Our team will create a list of possible openings such as gaps and openings in the exterior wall. We will seal all cracks and built in entry points such as the expansions joint in brick walls.

From this list, we will schedule milestones in the plan to remove all rodents inside and around the perimeter of the house. After reviewing the list with you, we will implement the approved strategy.