Spider Control

When spiders become a problem in your house, it is time to take action.

Although spiders do play a large role in keeping insects and other pests at bay, when they become a problem in your house, it is time to take action. Spiders spend a lot of their time hidden, and this is why you normally see a web with caught insects but no spiders.

Spider Services

• Spider traps

• Insecticides dust treatment

• Fumigation Treatment

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Spider Treatments

Our job is to control spider populations in your house without totally eliminating their presence. This will help keep you comfortable in your home while still preserving the spider’s natural exterminating abilities. When you begin to see more webs than usual and are surprised by the number of spiders out and about, it is time to call us in. With our services, we will find the source of the problem and utilize our cost-efficient and effective tactics to control this population growth.

Oklahoma has the two deadliest spiders in the United States.

Black Widow

Most of the spiders in existence are nothing more than a pest to humans, but the black widow is a species of spider that is dangerous and needs to be treated immediately. In fact, within the United States only one other spider can compare to the deadly black widow, and that is the Brown Recluse.

Fiddleback (Brown Recluse)

Brown Recluse spiders, also known as Fiddlebacks, are one of the top two deadliest spiders in the United States, and unfortunately, they are drawn to the indoors and hidden areas. These spiders love