The termite originates from the ground. Residing below the surface, termites establish sizable colonies, and serve their termite queen. These pale-colored, soft-bodied social insects are made up of colonies that include soldiers, workers, and flying termites. The termites feed on wood which can be extremely destructive to wooden structures.

When you see termites in house, they are usually drawn by leaky pipes, poor drainage, wood piled against the house, or poor airflow. Damp wood attracts these subterranean termites. Termite control should include removing water-damaged wood since the moisture is how they survive. Standing water in proximity to the house, and ground in contact with wood, are also conditions termite prefer.

Swarms of termites with wings are a sign that you may need termite treatment. There’s a chance that termite infestation is in your house.

Oklahoma termites can be a challenging pest to control. There are numerous DIY methods that homeowners can use and use to get rid of termites for smaller infestations. However, termites cause damage and you may want to contact Protech Professionals for a termite treatments.