Control the weeds in Oklahoma.

These are just a few of the weeds in Oklahoma: Dandelion; Crabgrass; Goosegrass; Nutsedge; Purslane; Thistle; Chickweed; Plantain; Doveweed; Foxtail; Clover; Creeping Charlie…There are at least 33 varieties of weeds ready to take over your yard. Weed control is a constant battle.

Core aeration is one way to open compacted soil that many weeds like to be grow in. Cutting your lawn low can help since weeds do not grow in dense patches like grass and will need to grow up to get the sun’s rays.

Weed spray is a way to cover a large area, but it is after the fact and many weeds can go through their life cycle, spread their seeds, before dying. However, a correctly applied lawn pre-emergent herbicide is more effective. Before the weed seeds begin to sprout, the pre-emergent will create a protective barrier in the soil will inhibit the weeds growth and a follow up with a post-emergent for the seeds that are dormant is the best strategy.

Those beautiful bright yellow flowers of dandelions are cheerful and fun to see—in someone else’s yard. Because before you know it, those flowers will turn into thousands of airborne seeds. The seed are looking for any soil to set their long roots into. You can pull them out by hand but if you have more than a few, you may want a professional to apply an effective lawn weedkiller.

The dry, hot summers of Oklahoma are perfect conditions for Crabgrass. These spider like forms a mat on the surface of your lawn. The stems spread out, creating a star-shaped form You can identify the weed by its flat, green leaves connecting to long thin flowers. If you pull them out, do it before they seed so you don’t spread them. A crabgrass seed can stay dormant for years.

Goosegrass and surprisingly not known as Geesecrass since there is rarely one blade but multiple leaves is also called wiregrass. It is made up of flat blades that are compressed. One plant can have over 50,000 pointed seeds.

The list and the ways to fight off weeds grows each year. In Oklahoma there are a number of weed control companies. At Protech Professionals, we use tried and true methods but we continue to learn about the latest techniques and methods in lawn weed control to apply the best solutions to our customers.