What has six legs, two claws, and a venom-injecting tail? If you said scorpion, you’re right. Unfortunately, their populations are on the rise. Scorpions prey on insects, spiders, and sometimes even small animals. Their strength as predators comes from their eyesight, speed, and ability to latch on to their prey and inject venom. In addition to homes filled with insects, scorpions are also attracted to homes near new construction and water sources. If you have scorpions in or around your home, it is important for you to call us today. Not only will we get rid of the scorpions themselves, but we will also exterminate their food sources (other pests) and seal off areas where it is possible for them to enter your home. Many exterminators will tell you it is impossible to get rid of a scorpion population, but that simply isn’t true. Our advanced services will get scorpions out and keep them from coming back.