Often deemed impossible to get rid of, fleas are no challenge for our exterminators and our top-of-the-line technology. Fleas love to jump between pets, humans, and household furniture in search of a warm-blooded source to feed upon. They can jump up to 8 inches from person to pet and by the time they are detected, there are most likely already thousands of eggs laid on your floor, pants, animal fur, and numerous other places. These eggs hatch into wormlike creatures that can live in the threads of your carpet feeding on dried blood from adult-flea feces.


Fleas can transmit bacteria and tapeworm and cause rashes which makes them a danger that needs to be treated immediately. While our team effectively exterminates flea populations and their sources, it is important that you maintain a well-vacuumed house, clean yard, and groomed pets. Call us today to have your house thoroughly examined for fleas and treated accordingly.