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Protech Professionals is backed by 11 years of experience. Our service technicians are trained and educated to handle your situation. We stand behind our service and strive to be perfect for every account. If issues arise, we will promptly solve the issue to your satisfaction. With our great service, we are confident you will be satisfied with us and remain a loyal customer, and our customer service will always be a step above your expectations.

Derek Sing


Kevin Fabriguze

Inspection Manager

Robin Telford

Office Manager

Shawna Cogburn

Office Admin

Lisa Bridges

Office Admin

Phil Hackler

C.C. Site Manager

Harley Mefford

Landscape Manager

Steven Laughy

Service Manager

Adrian Farley

Account Manager

Fred Richards

Account Manager

Dustin Walls

Account Manager

Matt Kulbeth

Account Manager

Taylor Carroll

Account Manager

William Phelps

Account Manager